Hands of Harmony is a French association that promotes events and camps where people can share and learn about arts from Asia (TaiJiQuan, QiGong, GongFu, Self-defense, Chinese writing, Meditation, tea ceremony, traditional medicine, etc). Our common objective is to give people motivation, strength and serenity.

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Shaolin camps with Master Wang Zi Li

Master Wang Zi Li teaches in the proximity of forests and places proper to gather and exchange thoughts. The participants of our activities will benefit from the environment to blossom physical, mental and emotional strength.

During camps, like in a monastery of Shaolin, each student will be invited to follow the precepts of Buddhism. Each student follow the basic rules of good conduct and will contribute to every activity of the event, including cleaning and cooking. Catering will be essentially vegetarian thus proposing


few animal proteins such as eggs and dairy products. Every meal is taken in silence. For a short time, the Master will demand you to give up alienating behaviors such as drinking alcohol, smoking and using electronical devices. We want to give you time to concentrate into your Qi “vital energy”.

You will have 5 to 6 hours of training per day. The Master will initiate you in different physical and mental techniques. The effort is intense. We recommend to start training a few weeks before.



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Please follow the steps below to get involved in our activities. You are the most welcome whatever your condition and your level of training. Your motivation will be the base of our selection. Hands of Harmony is a like a family.


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